Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Computers, Cannabis and Classes

WAYBACK MACHINES: Saturday afternoon, we took at trip to one of our favorite spots in Seattle, the Living Computer Museum. 

We were attending a members only open house, which gave us a sneak preview to major renovations on their first floor, along with special access to complimentary snacks. ;) 

CJ enjoyed playing Donkey Kong on a couple of throwback platforms.

 Annabelle tried to coax Ghostbusters to load on the Amstrad CPC-464, but after waiting way beyond the 5 minutes (!) loading time, she abandoned ship.
 As cool as the computers are at LCM, CJ always makes it a point to visit their on-site library.
He's been hankering after the book he's holding for a couple of years now. We finally bought him a copy in the gift shop upon leaving.

Loved this vintage Peanuts poster on display near the library.
 I played a game or two during the visit, including a super old, text-only based Star Trek game.
The Klingons got the best of me, unfortunately. I was just happy I kinda sorta figured out how to play the entirely text-based game with hardly any instructions and zero experience.

GREEN WAY: This afternoon we took a stroll, weaving our way through nearby alleys. Before too long, we found ourselves in a hemp forest ... 
This neighbor has had hemp growing in their backyard for a few years. This year's garden is a bit more ambitious, though, and they've certainly upgraded their signage!

Interesting to learn that the laws for 'farming' hemp are changing a week from today. Our neighbors are ahead of their time!

FINALES: This morning, CJ's drama class had their year-end presentation. It consisted of a series of improv skits by pairs of students. Each and every one was entertaining.

The kids also had their last social issues class of the year. The students each shared a sweet sentiment or image on a page, which we bound into a keepsake book. Christian made the wood cover for covering the pages out of wood paneling we had.

The kids and I found the neat metal sentiment we glued to the cover at a local craft store. It fit the journey the class took together this year, for sure.

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